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The Thirty Day Prayer Challenge

What is the 30-day challenge?

This challenge will help you develop a habit of prayer that helps you to grow closer in your relationship with Jesus. Persevering in prayer is the best way to experience the miraculous. When you begin to communicate, praise, and worship Jesus in sincerity, miracles, and breakthroughs that you have been waiting for (sometimes for years) finally happen.

This is because when you begin to fulfill the ultimate purpose of your life which is to give glory and honor to God you are ready to receive the gifts he wants to give you.

The challenge consists of:

  • Reciting daily the 15 prayers Jesus dictated to St. Bridget
  • Reading the words of Jesus daily
  • Finding an adjective to describe Jesus that starts with each letter of the alphabet for 26 days.
  • Saying the Divine Mercy Affirmation: “Jesus I Trust in YOU”

It also includes the following mini-challenges

  1. The SINGING PRAISE challenge
  2. The THANKSGIVING DAY challenge
  3. The CRAFTING FOR JESUS challenge
  4. The EVANGELISM DAY challenge
  5. The PRAY FOR OTHERS challenge
  6. The READING OF SCRIPTURES morning, noon and night challenge
  7. The PRAISE challenge

These individual challenges are repeated with different variations over the course of 30 days.

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