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Kids Coloring Pages & Activities

Kids Coloring Pages and Prayer Activities

1. 10 Essential Prayers for Catholic Kids (Activity Sheets)

There are certain prayers that every Catholic kid must learn. These 10 handy worksheets, teach the prayers in a fun way. Children are challenged to fill in the blanks with cut-outs!

Being hands-on with the prayers is a great way to get kids to remember them. Prayers in the pack are The Gloria, Hail Mary, Our Father, Fatima Prayer, Grace Before Meals, Grace After Meals, Guardian Angel prayer, The Sign of the Cross, The Act of Contrition, and A Child's Prayer to Mary.

2. Christian Virtues Coloring Pages

These 7 Christian Virtues Worksheets are perfect for kids and even adult coloring! Worksheets feature, friendship, love, humility, patience, peace, faith, and courage.

3. Lenten Word Search

Let kids have fun while learning the key tenets of Lent


4. How to teach Your Child the Rosary

Teaching the Rosary to Your Child Just Got Easier with this Step by Step Guide + Free Printable Worksheets of the Prayers.


5. The 7 Sacraments Flashcards

Introduce the seven sacraments with ease, using these DIY flashcards.