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Use Your Talents to Glorify God-The Catholic Woman's Voice

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Use Your Talents to Glorify God

Talent is a word that means natural aptitude or skill. The dictionary also uses the following synonyms in describing talent: flair, gift, knack, and technique to name just four.

In today's society, we can find stories about people who have been lucky enough not only to find their calling but also to make it big with what they do best! This can be your story too when you use your talents to glorify God.

 The Parable of the Talents

In the Bible, we are introduced to three servants who got five, two, and one talent respectively by their master before he went on a journey. The servant who got five talents went ahead and multiplied it. The one who he gave two also multiplied it, but the third servant was bitter about his single talent, so he hid it away. In fact, the Bible says he buried it.

This angered the master when he came back and realized that no progress had been made.

The parable of the talents gives us an important insight into being satisfied with what we have been gifted. It also shows how God will judge our actions at the end.

The master who in this story represents God was so pleased he gave the first servant more talents.

The master also multiplied the talents of the man who had two talents but he became enraged at the man who buried his talent. The man with the one talent saw his talent taken away and given to the man with five talents. Imagine how upset he must have been and how delighted the servant with the five talents must have felt.

Success in life is a natural product of the work you do. We are given our gifts to grow and multiply them, but this requires that we keep working at improving them.

Doing great things doesn’t always come easy but this parable reminds everyone how much potential for success lies within each one of us. It starts with self-confidence which will eventually show itself through a strong work ethic.

When it comes to our legacy, the most important thing is that we make a difference. So at the end of our lives, we should be able to say God was glorified in what he gave us.

Use What You Have

God gives each of us gifts and talents in as much proportion as we can handle, so it is important not to focus on what others have and you don't. Instead, build and multiply what you have been given.


The servant was quite capable of multiplying the one talent that he had been given but he made fear and jealousy at what the others were given get in his way and he lost everything.

Jealousy should be avoided at all costs because it blinds us to our own special gifts and talents. When we are grateful for what we have and try to use our skills to the best of our ability this is when we succeed.

Use Your Talents

This parable prompts us to self-examination. Perhaps it is time, you took that painting class or that course in hospitality management? Zone in on your gifts and use your talent to glorify God.

When you do this you will inevitably see a multiplication of your supply and you will even unearth other hidden talents you may not have known about! This is how the blessings of God work!