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The Power of the Mass Explained

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The Power Of The Mass Explained

What is the Mass?

The Mass can be described as the act of worship of the Roman Catholic Church that also involves the celebration of the Eucharist. The Mass is a powerful part of our lives as Catholics.

It consists reading the scripture, the intercessory prayer and most importantly the Eucharist and the offering.

There is also a Eucharistic prayer where the church remembers Christ, His redeeming work and the sacrifice that He made on the cross so that all humankind was saved.

Take a look at the power of the Mass explained.

The Power of the Mass Explained

Attending the Holy Mass will make you blessed in your goods and affairs. We attend Mass and pray to God for everything that we want in our lives. This is what makes it so powerful.

We pray for good health, well-paying jobs, daily needs and many other things. Through attending and adhering to all the Holy Mass regulations, we get blessed with everything that we need.

Through attending the Holy Mass, God forgives us all the sins that we may have been determined to avoid but failed to.

All the sins that we never confessed are forgiven through this. The work and power of Satan over us is defeated by the Holy Mass.

There are many sins we commit during our day to day lives that we may not know or remember so that we may repent off them.

We get forgiven of them by attending Mass. We attend Mass in remembrance of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. He died for our sins and sent us the Holy Spirit to be our guide and protector on earth before Jesus returns.

It is important to be obedient to Jesus’ command and attend Mass in remembrance of Him. The Holy Mass that we have attended will be our greatest consolation in the hour of death.

During Mass, we learn about Jesus Christ and His work on earth and the things that He has prepared for us in Heaven.

In a person’s death bed he or she remembers these teaching and get consoled that they are going to reunite with Our Savior and the Saints before us. The Holy Mass helps preserve us from all the misfortunes that may have happened to us.

The Powerful Blessings of the Mass

In the Mass, we pray to God and repent of all of our sins and hope that the Lord will be our guide in our day to day activities. Through this, the Lord answers our prayers and prevents all the dangers and the bad things that may befall us.

The Church offers Mass each day and welcomes everyone even the saints in heaven. It serves all those suffering souls on earth and prepares their path to Heaven.

The community of worshippers through participation of the Mass shows unity and dependence on God and helps us to be spiritually nourished. This helps to spread the Gospel all around the world and fulfill the wish of Jesus to be introduced to everyone who doesn’t know about Him.

It also invites the Church to accept the Body and the Blood of Christ through the Eucharist. This is the power of the Mass explained, so you can clearly see the benefits. Mass should never be missed if it can be avoided.