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Requirements for Catholic Godparents-The Catholic Woman's Voice

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Requirements for Catholic Godparents

If you have been wondering about the requirements for Catholic Godparents there are a few guidelines you need to bear in mind. Becoming a Catholic Godparent is an honor and privilege for those who are chosen.

It means that they will be responsible for the spiritual growth of your Godchild as they grow into adulthood. Here’s a look at the rules for choosing Catholic Godparents.

What Catholics Believe About the Role of Godparents

As Catholics, we believe that there are many requirements for someone to become a Catholic Godparent. One of these requirements is that the person must be baptized in the Catholic church.

The person should also be at least 16 years old. A Godparent agrees to do their best to raise the child with the virtues of the Catholic faith. The Godparent should be a good example of the Christian life to the child.

It is also important that a Godparent be active in their spiritual and parish life, as well as being committed to learning about the Catholic faith. They need strong values and morals because they will be helping with prayer time before bed, morning prayers at home, grace before meals, and lessons about the

Catholic faith whenever they are given the opportunity. They should also know how to talk with children in an appropriate way so that they can share the Gospel and teach the child.


Why Is the Role of a Catholic Godparent so Important?

The role of the Godparent is very important to Catholics because they are accepting this important obligation before God and will have to answer for it before God on Judgment Day.

It is also an obligation between man and God because when one becomes a Godparent he makes an agreement with Jesus Christ. While the Godparent doesn't directly claim to be a guardian of the child, he or she is responsible for receiving him into his Church community.

As Catholics, we believe that each baptism performed brings us one step closer to reaching our goal of entering Heaven. When you become someone's Godparent, it means they will be your spiritual legacy and you will be responsible for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Why Become a Catholic Godparent?

So far we have talked about what is expected and even some of the benefits of being a Catholic Godparent. Take a look at this summary of benefits to see if being a Catholic Godparent is something you truly desire.

The Benefits of Becoming a Catholic Godparent are as follows:

    • A chance to help a child grow in their faith
    • Opportunity to share all the things you love about being Catholic
    • A way to participate in parish life and build friendships with other godparents
    • A beautiful baptismal occasion for the blessing of your Godchild
    • A deepened faith that you can help your Godchild grow in the love of Christ

Rules for Catholic Godparents: How to Be an Effective Godparent

The best way to be an effective Godparent is to do the following: 1) Be a good example for the child. 2) Care about the child and take their interests into account when making decisions. 3) Pray with, for, and about the child. 4) Participate in the sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and other important Church events to set a good example.


Do Godparents Have to Be Catholic?

Yes, it is required that a Godparent be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic church.

How Many Godparents Can You Have?

It is usually recommended that a child has two Godparents, male and female. However, there are cases where one Godparent that is Catholic is sufficient.

Requirements for Catholic Godparents

There are several requirements that must be met in order to become an acceptable Catholic Godparent, including:
  • A belief of all essential doctrines of Catholicism
  • Be baptized and confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Attends Mass on Sundays and on Holy Days of Obligation stipulated by the church
  • No ex-communication or suspension from religious ministry by church authorities.
  • No conviction for crimes against divine law, such as apostasy or schism
  • A baptized Christian who is not in communion with the Catholic church may not be a Godparent. They may only be able to act as a Christian witness.
  • The father or the mother of the person who is being baptized may not act as their Godparents.
  • If the Godparent you choose is married many parishes will insist that the marriage be a valid one. This means that the person should have been married in the Catholic Church.
  • If Godparents are single it is usually required that they are living a single life free of cohabitation.
  • A Godparent is usually required to take a baptism class. They may also need to sign a Godparent verification form that proves their eligibility and suitability to become a Godparent.