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Holy Face of Jesus Prayer-The Catholic Woman's Voice

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Holy Face of Jesus Prayer

The Holy Face of Jesus Prayer is the most powerful prayer for emotional and physical healing on earth and yet so many have never heard of it! if this is the first time you have heard of the devotion or if you have never taken the time to learn about it, now is the time to find out more about it. Here is a look at 5 reasons why it is in fact the most powerful prayer for healing available to you.

1. Devotion to the Holy Face was Started by Jesus Himself

Between the years of 1843-1847, a Carmelite nun named Sister Marie began having a series of visions of Jesus in which she received revelations. During these revelations, Jesus told her that he would like to establish devotion to His Holy Face worldwide.

2. Holy Face of Jesus Prayer Miracles

In the 1800s this devotion brought so many healing miracles that the humble lawyer, named Louis Dupont who hosted the miraculous image of the Holy Face in his home was called by Pope Pius IX "the greatest miracle worker of his time".
Venerable Leo Dupont


Mr. Dupont kept a lamp burning in front of the image and the thousands who prayed before it received healing. Some even anointed themselves with the oil from the lamp. 

3. The Devotion Appeals to the Mercy of the Father

The devotion makes reparation for the blasphemies that were being committed all over the world against his Holy name. The devotion is also a way for everyone to appeal to the Father for whatever they needed. Jesus told Sister Marie that the devotion would be so powerful, it would be a means by which the devotee could solve any problem they faced, and that the devotion would be enough to settle all the problems of their household.

4. The Main Prayers Glorify Jesus

The devotion consisted of two major prayers. The first Holy Face of Jesus prayer is “The Golden Arrow Prayer”. The second one is the “Litany to the Holy Face". These prayers are powerful because they glorify Jesus and the mercy that He showed by suffering on the cross.

5. It Prevented a Revolution and Caused a Public Miracle

In 1849, Pope Pius IX grew increasingly concerned about the Papal States due to an ongoing revolution that threatened to undermine the sovereignty of the church.
Veronica's Veil


He decreed that the faithful should offer public prayers in all the churches in Rome. As part of the appeal for God’s mercy, a three-day exposition was held in which a relic of Veronica’s veil which captures Jesus' face on the road to Calvary was exposed in St. Peter’s Basilica, in order for the faithful to venerate it.

On the third day of the showing, the veil began to glow. A soft light emanated from it and the face of Jesus on the relic became extremely distinct.

The Pope ordered the bells in the Basilica to be rung and large crowds of people began to gather in the Basilica, and they all witnessed the miracle. For three hours the face of Jesus could be seen and the light continued to emanate from the veil.

Artists began to capture the image on canvas and later these images were touched to the veil and sent out to the faithful in different parts of the world so that they could venerate it. This became a custom in the Vatican for many years.

The Holy Face devotion has been the source of countless miracles for decades and continues to be even today. If you would like to learn more about the power of the Holy Face devotion for healing, pick up a copy of the book.